Atsukan Experience

Elevate Your Body and Mind

Soak up some tranquility at the Atsukan and let your sorrows melt, like wasabi in soy sauce.

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The Atsukan provides a contemplative experience where guests come to cleanse their body and mind in an incredible setting designed by Lionel Jadot.


A line-up of 10 individual bathtubs in precious wood, state-of-the-art bathroom fittings, sumptuous patchwork curtains to ensure your privacy and towards the rear, the bar softly lit by lanterns covered in hand-painted Japanese signs...
The stage is set. Welcome to the Atsukan!

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Experience’s path

Tucked away in the hustling city centre of Brussels you can discover a little oasis of tranquility: the Atsukan.

Inspired by the sentô (Japanese public baths) and uniquely designed by Lionel Jadot, the Atsukan is a mystical place that will seduce your senses. Welcome!

To dive into this mysterious atmosphere, we invite you to offload your personal belongings, switch off your phone and nestle into a Japanese kimono. Let your body cleanse away in the sauna, and let your thoughts drift off bathing into a traditional precious wooden bathtub whilst savouring a saké or sencha. You can immerse half your body (the hanshin-yoku stage) to get used to the temperate of the water (around 42°) and then slip into the bath completely whilst keeping your head above water (the zeshin-yoku stage). Close your eyes and enjoy your own comfortable watery cocoon, sealed off with patchwork curtains. Well rested after, you are welcome to socialise – peacefully – at our bar, softly lit by lanterns covered in hand-painted Japanese signs.

From the Japanese-inspired architecture to the calming and soothing decor to the carefully selected food and beverages served, across the gentle music chosen by music producer-musician Dan Klein, this purifying and encompassing experience has been created to completely lighten the body and soul.


  • Book one or more bath (only one person per bath)

  • Present yourself in the basement of Jam Hotel 5 minutes before the beginning of the experience

  • Take your shoes off and enter

  • Choose your drink then get undressed in the locker

  • Take a shower

  • Your drink is ready. Dive in your bathtub for 30 minuts of relaxation.

  • Enjoy the sauna; the bar to have a drink or a bite.


50€/session : more or less 1h15min (30min bath)
Privatisation possible. Please contact us.

Opening Hours

Monday – Tuesday : Closed

Wednesday – Sunday – 10am – 9pm

Latest  entrance: 20:00