Driven by Sustainability

JAM Hotels is a socially and environmentally committed company. It defines itself as a player in the transformation of the hotel landscape with a desire to develop sustainable and responsible hospitality.

Based on an analysis of the labels currently in use, like the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the analysis of the various impulses of the hotel industry, JAM Hotels has developed its ESG philosophy: a sustainable management strategy based on 3 pillars: the environment, resources and well-being. For each of these pillars, we have 3 themes, each with clear and defined objectives.

JAM Hotels has created an own manifesto, a sustainability charter compiling
more than 30 objectives. In addition, these elements have been compiled in our sustainable and resilient design software which will be our internal follow-up tool to guide the project.

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JAM Brussels

Above all, the JAM Brussels concept is nothing like a traditional hotel chain. Saint-Luc, a former school of architecture located in a trendy, cosmopolitan part of the city, has been turned into a lifestyle who flouts convention and loves to surprise.

History, program and challenges

JAM Brussels is the result of the refurbishment of a former architecture school into a unique place where you discover the art of living: 80 rock-and-roll rooms, a Japanese bath experience, and an open-air swimming pool!

The transformation of the former school of architecture took place under the guidance of architect Olivia Gustot and the hotel’s artistic director, Lionel Jadot.

The first JAM, an unexpected habitat with a rock-and-roll atmosphere and dynamic, urban artistic programming, was born. A complete refurbishment has allowed the creation of 80 rooms, a rooftop bar, and an open-air pool.

After acquiring the hotel in 2020, JAM Hotels has decided to push the sustainability aspect to the next level. Our approach and goal are to implement realistic step-by-step measures and improve year by year. It’s a hotel chain that will astonish and delight you!

Sustainable pattern

Currently, JAM Brussels is in the process of obtaining a Green Key certification and has been audited in order to identify all energy improvement opportunities.

All the measures currently being implemented will make it possible, in the short and medium term, to measure and optimise our energy consumption, to limit our carbon footprint by banning the use of disposable consumables and by using environmentally friendly cleaning products, and develop a responsible and inclusive governance policy.

JAM occupies a privileged place in the artistic community. It has hosted a recording studio, and transformed its rooms for exhibitions of local craftsmen and Brussels designers during pandemic times. Since 2022 it has become a showcase for young Brussels artists thanks to the “LA NICHE” project in collaboration with Ateliers Lionel Jadot and the design schools of Brussels.