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At the heart of Europe’s most vibrant cities

Brussels, Belgium

Our first one. A former art school transformed into a hotel.

Lisbon, Portugal

Hazard took us there and it was love at first sight. Next to the river.

Ghent, Belgium

At the highest hill of the city, former army barracks reconverted.

Where’s next?

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Emblematic architecture

We always start our story with what is already there. Location & building are the base for us. Every building has its hidden treasures that we want to unravel. Brussels was an architecture school, Lisbon an outdated office building and Ghent used to be magnificent army barracks. Now they become open buildings that run 24/7 !





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Jammin’ all the way


Sustainability is at the core of our business ethics. Our goal is to improve each year by a realistic and responsible step-by-step approach.

Experience The JAM 

Experience The JAM 

Experience The JAM 

Experience The JAM 

Experience The JAM 

Experience The JAM 

About us

Feel amazed in each of our hotels!

Every hotel offers unique and animated interior and exterior design. The swimming pool is just a start.


Feel relaxed and enjoy the open atmosphere!

An excellent hotel room is just the beginning.
Make use of our Japanese wellness, music room… as well as the restaurant and bar.


Feel comfortable about yourself and the planet!

Sustainability is key in all our processes and products while maintaining the highest level of comfort.
We believe that comfort and sustainability go hand in hand.


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